Demo2DeRo: The Kickback

January 14, 2010


Sibling-led bands have a special kind of intensity, as proven countless times throughout rock history, from the brothers to Davies in the Kinks to those battling Gallaghers in Oasis.

If your only exposure to the Kickback is via its recordings, including a dynamic, well-recorded, exquisitely arranged and very dramatic new disc called the "Great Self Love" EP currently streaming on its Myspace page, you might think that guitarist-vocalist Billy Yost and his drummer brother Danny have escaped the usual sibling drama. But since the group, which is completed by guitarist Tyler Zee and bassist Zachariah Verdoorn, immigrated here from South Dakota last summer, the stories have begun to spread about its explosive live performances, with the members cheerfully owning up to the occasional broken chairs and bloody knuckles.

You can sample the Kickback's aggressive but melodic and sometimes glammy roots-rock at Or you can see if the band lives up to its feisty reputation onstage when it performs at the Bottom Lounge, 1375 W Lake St., on Friday, Jan. 22.