Demo2DeRo: The Vindits

March 31, 2010


Though the Chicago quartet the Vindits earnestly admire a diverse group of indie-rockers known for their lo-fi recordings--from the Minutemen to Sebadoh to the White Stripes--there is nothing slapdash about the sound or the songwriting on the four songs from the group's new EP, "Shots," which shows a sophisticated use of dynamics, an evocative eye for telling lyrical details and a bounty of hooks.

Guitarists-vocalists Kyle Peterson and Matthew Lane, bassist-vocalist Paul Meister and drummer Janis Sayer came together in 2007 and have two earlier EPs to their credit, in addition to a well-articulated sonic goal: "Loud like a car crash, or soft like a dimly-lit barroom make-out while 'Crimson & Clover' plays on the jukebox." That's a promise that songs such as "Waiting" and "Another Way" fulfill--sample them at or the band is sure to play them when it celebrates its new release at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, on April 22.